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Note: The Chandos engraving of Shakespeare in the header is courtesy Prof. Stuart Sillars.  It is from Charles Knight’s “Imperial Shakespeare” of the 1870s.

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  1. Shormishtha

    The whole thing looks fantastic! Been telling everybody to access it. Post a message on your Facebook page too.

    • Nivedita Basu

      This indeed looks completely professional. Good work Neeta and Shormishtha ma’am!

    • jsingh852

      Wonderful site and brings good memories of the March conference. I have some photos I can send you if you like to post? Jyotsna

  2. Sarbani Chaudhury

    this is great news.

    • Vandana Agrawal

      Your commitment and hard work shows. You both have made the society tech-savvy.
      I have a few designs of SSI logo. I’ll get them in the next meeting.

  3. Davinder Mohini Ahuja

    The launch of its blog-cum-website is indeed a momentous occasion for the Shakespeare Society of India! Thanks Shormishtha and Nita for making it happen!!

  4. Thanks to all for the appreciation. We do it all as a team!

  5. seema raizada

    Great to see the ssi blog. Kudos to all those who conceived & designed!

  6. Shormishtha

    Thank you, members, for your delighted appreciation. It would not have been possible without your support! Please send us suggestions on how you want to use this blog.

  7. Delighted to see the web page! Thoroughly profesional.
    All the best,
    Lola Chatterji

  8. Ritumohan Singh Bairagi

    The SSI is a great society as it is working for the betterment and enhencement of Shakespearen works all over the world through its activiteis. The members, advisors and especially the President and the Secretary are really giving their best efforts. I fell proud to being a member of it.

  9. I am looking out for Dr. Mythili Kaul and Dr. Urmila Khanna , who were my (wonderful) English Professors, when i was at IP College, Delhi University in 1963. I see their names here. I am currently in Boston, but will be in India from January through April and would love to connect with her. Could someone kindly send me their email and contact information. I would be SO delighted to re-connect to these two inspiring teachers. Thank you. I can be reached at: Thank you very much for your assistance. Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz

  10. Prof G S Rathore

    Could you please convey any contact no./email ID of Prof R A Malagi?

  11. Dear Shakespeare Society of India,

    I am an American Shakespearean who is writing a critique of lingering colonial practices in the editing of Shakespeare — even in modern times. I am very interested in finding copies of the actual Shakespeare texts that were used as schoolbooks under the Raj so that I can discover whether the language of Shakespeare’s plays was changed at points for the colonial audience. No doubt some of the plays used in schools may have been issued in soft-cover form that has not survived. However, if you can let me know where I am likely to find copies of any school texts that may have survived I would be most grateful. My direct email address is Thanks for your help!
    Leah S. Marcus
    Edwin Mims Professor of English
    Vanderbilt University, USA

    • Prof. Marcus, sorry for the delay in responding. If you’re still interested, I could send out your request to our members. Do let me know.

      • leah S. Marcus

        Thanks! I will be at the British Library in May — have found that a number of early Shakespeare editions published in India are there. If I need more help after that, I’ll be back in touch. Best, Leah Marcus

  12. I was very kindly directed to Dr. Mythili Kaul from posting a request on this web-site. I am still looking to connect with Dr. Urmilla Khanna and would welcome getting her email or contact information. They were both teachers I very much respected and who influenced my learning. Thank you. Zareen

    • Dear Zareen,

      As far as I know, Prof. Urmilla Khanna doesn’t have an email id. I can give you her postal address:
      DELHI 110054


      • Thank you so much, Nita, I really appreciate the prompt response. I am in India till the 10th of May. If you cna get her permission and share her phone number with me and send it to I would be most grateful. I am a terrible potal letter writer!! WIth appreciation, Zareen

  13. Dr Arindam Modak

    To which address am I supposed to send my filled-in membership form and cheque for becoming a member of The Shakespeare Society of India?

  14. Suraj


    I work with The Company Theatre Mumbai, we are performing our play “Piya Behrupia” Shakespeare’s 12th Night in Hindi at Kamani Auditorium Delhi from 20th Aug. to 23rd Aug.

    We recently performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

    Will it would be possible for you to provide us your email id & contact details so we can send you the eflyer, which you can forward to members of your society.

    Suraj Tomer

  15. Prannay Pathak Dramatics Society, Shyam Lal College (Delhi University)

    Participating in the annual theatre competition at DU, South Dampus has been splendid! Thanks SSI!! Flourish & Flower!

  16. Koel Chatterjee

    Hi I’m a research student from Royal Holloway, working on Shakespeare and Hindi cinema and wanted to get int ouch with Prof Rajiva Verma. How may I get in touch with him? Also, is there any place where I can trace the specific Shakespearean texts assigned at school, undergraduate and graduate level across the various boards in India?

  17. Dear Members,

    I am trying to track down information on Tanvir Habib’s production of “Kamdeo Ka Apna, Basant Ritu Ka Sapna” – in particular, I would like access to read a copy of the script. Does anybody know if there is an extant copy in translation? I may be contacted at

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Louise Geddes
    Assistant Professor of English
    Adelphi University

  18. Hi there,
    Just wanted to tell you about a fun way of introducing The Complete Works of Shakespeare to a young or new audience. Just released on this week – Easy Reading Shakespeare, The Complete Works in Bite-Size Verse by Richard Cuddington. You can download a complete play free of charge on Amazon and the books are being used by many schools in the UK. Thank you for your interest.

  19. Professor Bob White

    A very informative and professional website. Congratulations! Bob White, Western Australia

  20. Dr. Pradipta Mukherjee

    Dear Shormistha Mam and Nita Mam
    Our Vidyasagar College for Women organised an international seminar on Diaspora and Cultural Exchange. I am editing a volume on Diaspora Studies. Could you please let me know if anyone is interested in contributing an article? The manuscript is almost ready and all articles will go through review before being accepted for publication. Interested contributors may call 91 9007337603Thanks
    Dr. Pradipta Mukherjee
    Assistant Professor
    Department of English
    Vidyasagar College for Women

    • Dr. Pradipta Mukherjee

      Those interested in contributing an article on diaspora studies, please call 91 9007927958…Thanks Pradipta Mukherjee.

  21. Shubh Soni

    I’m someone who has very little knowledge of Shakespeare’s works. However am eager to learn and was wondering if anyone here knew of a place in Delhi that held classes for beginners like me. Since am working full-time, I don’t have the time to enroll at a university to take up a full-time course. If anyone knows of any institute or private individuals teaching classes in Delhi, please feel free to contact me.

  22. Dr. Manjula K.T.

    Could the Shakespeare Society help us in finding excellent Shakespeare scholars from South India for a national seminar as speakers?

  23. Dr. Manjula K.T.

    We are looking for an excellent speaker on Shakespeare to address the delegates of a national seminar. Could the Shakespeare Society help?

  24. Koel Chatterjee

    On 27 June 2014, Royal Holloway will host a one-day graduate conference on Shakespeare in Bollywood with the renowned critic Dr.Poonam Trivedi of Delhi University as keynote speaker.The day aims to bring together academics and practitioners in the field to gain a better understanding of the current state of research in this vibrant field. Organised by Koel Chatterjee and Preti Taneja in the English Department with the support of Dr Deana Rankin,Deputy Director of the MA in Shakespeare, with funding from the RHUL Research Fund and the English Department, this conference will, we hope, be the first of a series of events on Shakespeare and Indian Cinema culminating on a larger-scale conference and film festival in 2016.

    Call for Papers
    Shakespeare and Bollywood
    27 June, 2014
    Royal Holloway, University of London

    Keynote Speaker:
    Dr. Poonam Trivedi, University of Delhi

    Shakespeare has been a part of Bollywood since its inception – the Parsi Theatre tradition did much to shape the silent film era to the mid-1950s; vernacular translations resulting from the Bengal Renaissance influenced 1960s films first in Bengal and then in Bombay; and Hollywood remakes through the years have produced Bollywood remakes. This one-day conference seeks to gather graduate and early career researchers and practitioners together to discuss the relationship between Shakespeare and Hindi Cinema/Bollywood and to establish the state of current scholarship in the fascinating, under-examined field.

    We invite proposals for 20 minute papers on any aspect of Shakespeare and Bollywood. Topics could include:
    • Prehistories
    • Commercial Hindi Shakespeare films
    • Economics – global and local
    • Gendering Shakespeare/ Gendering Bollywood
    • Hindi Art-House Shakespeare films
    • Shakespearean songs and Bollywood music
    • Shakespearean Actors and Film-makers
    • ‘Academic’ Shakespeare vs. ‘Popular’ Shakespeare
    • Translation theory and practice
    • Adaptation theory
    • Hybridity and (post)-colonial theories
    • Art work and promotional material – posters, flybills, film trailers, coffee table books

    Abstracts of 300 words (plus a 50 word bio) should be sent to by 3 March, 2014.

    We will contact all those who send abstracts by 24 March, 2014.

    The conference fee is £25 (to include light refreshments).

    This conference is planned as the first of a series of events culminating in an international conference and film festival on Shakespeare and Indian Cinema in 2016.

    The organisers, Koel Chatterjee and Preti Taneja, wish to thank the Royal Holloway Research Fund and the English Department for funding the event.

  25. Sandeep Kaur

    i would like to be a member of Shakespearean society. Please send me your address on which i have to send demand draft. my email id is

  26. Mohd.Faizan

    I’ve a keen desire to be a member with a view to enlightning myself more on literature. I can be reached out at

  27. Dear Sir
    I want to become life time member of your society, So please inform me the procedure.

    Dr Tarun Kumar Yadav

  28. Wolkowski

    Dear Colleague,
    A new title is available from
    “William Shakespeare: the Spirit and the Letter”
    please kindly forward this information.
    Best regards
    Sorbonne Universites UPMC

  29. John Stephens

    Hello All.
    I’m sure you will love the new Author, John Stephen’s ‘SHAKESPEARE AND ME’ title. it can be purchaed for all lovers of he Bard on Amazon:
    Please support everything Shakespeare, and most of all… ENJOY.

    John Stephens.

  30. Wolkowski

    A graphic study of quote from Richard Ii, act 3, scene 3, verse 16 to 17, in all 24 official languages of the EU, will be presented at the Shakespeare Conference in Paris, January 2018. In order to expand it into a global and unique event, please kindly add translations into
    Other languages to Thank you. Best regards. Wolkowski, Sorbonne universites upmc.