Annual General Body Meetings

Minutes of the Annual General Body Meeting held on

23rdApril 2019  

The 32ndAnnual General Body Meeting of the Shakespeare Society of India was held on the Bard’s anniversary on 23rdApril 2019 at Kirori Mal College Delhi University at 02:30 p.m. The following members were present ;

Professor R.W Desai

Dr. Jyoti Bajaj Desai

Professor Rajiva Verma (President)

Dr. Poonam Trivedi

Ms Harriet Ragunathan

Dr. Payal Nagpal

Dr. Vinod Bala Sharma

Dr. Alka Rakesh

Mr. Nataranjan Bohidar

Dr. Nivedita Basu

Dr. Vikram Chopra (Secretary)

Owing to lack of quorum, the meeting was adjourned for a while  and then reconvened for conducting  the day’s work.

At the outset, the   President  extended a warm welcome to the members present and added a special note of welcome to new members.

1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last AGM held at Janki Devi Memorial    College on 7thJuly 2018.

As the report of the AGM had already been e-mailed to all the members, the members present accorded their approval to the Minutes recorded therein.

2. Matters arising out of the Minutes

(a) Some members felt that SSI must involve itself  in a wider range of activities including  small-scale activities like play-reading, discussing recent articles and books on Shakespeare and  organizing  special lectures. Some members  reinforced the idea of enlarging SSI activities for a wider reach to the larger public by arranging lectures and events at  venues like  the India International Centre and  the India Habitat Centre.

Some members suggested that steps should be taken to augment the financial resources of the Society to enable it to organize  more activities. It was felt that  all members of the Society should  make efforts to add to the Society’s financial resources.

A significant point was raised by Professor R.W Desai. Professor Desai pointed out that the establishment of a Shakespeare Centre, is among the avowed aims and objectives of the SSI as specified in its Constitution. He pointed out how the Centre/Institute was envisaged as a “reservoir of Shakespeare scholarship as well as a forum for critical and creative interpretations of Shakespeare’s works”, (Aims and Objects clause (b) SSI Constitution p.1). The concept of the Centre/Institute comprises a good library of Shakespeare studies, material on and for performances of Shakespeare, an auditorium and/or open-air theatre, an artists’ home with some rooms for visiting Shakespeare scholars from India and abroad, and all such activities that  may enhance the understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare and of  the world of art and theatre in general.

While some members supported the idea of a Shakespeare Centre/Institute, others thought that it was a bit too ambitious in view of the present reach and resources of the Society. After discussion it was decided to constitute a committee to examine the matter in detail and suggest concrete steps towards the realization of the idea. The members of this committee are  Professor R.W. Desai, Dr. Vinod Bala Sharma, Mr. Nataranjan Bohidar and Dr. Vikram Chopra. It was left to the committee to decide which of the four members would be the convener of the committee.  It was clarified that the committee will submit its recommendations to the Executive Committee for consideration.

(b)  Another suggestion was that the Society should develop its own website to ensure greater visibility among the general public and also to provide a forum for interaction among its members. However, some members felt that the Society could not at present afford the cost of developing and maintaining a website; others pointed to the effort and resources needed  to ensure that such a site was not misused. The Chairman pointed out that the Society already had space on the internet under wordpress  and that a good deal of matter related  to the Society, including  the annual bulletins  of  the Society, can be accessed there. He assured the members that the Executive Committee will examine the present status of the site and the possibility of reactivating/updating it.

3. National Drama Competition

Following the above discussion, Ms Harriet Raghunathan presented a report (attached)  on the National  College Drama Competition held on  February 2nd  at I.P. College.

4. Statement of Accounts

Dr Payal Nagpal, the Treasurer,  then presented the duly audited Statement of Accounts for the year ending  31 march 2019. The Balance Sheet is given below:

Balance Sheet as on  31st March, 2019     

Liabilities                             31.03.2019                         31.03.2018

Society Fund

General Reserve

Opening Balance                    1,34,348.93                     1,44,949.93

(less)/ Add: Surplus of

expenditure over income        11,905.50                       (10,601.00)

1,46,254.43                     1,34,348.93

Current Liabilities

Audit fees payable                       5,900.00                           4,720.00

Total                                            1,52,154.43                      1,39,068.93


Cash in Hand                                12,299.00

Balance in SB/ A/c with

State Bank of India ,

Delhi University, Delhi             1,39,855.43                         1,39,068.93

TOTAL                                         1,52,154.43                         1,39,068.93

The General Body noted with satisfaction that there was a surplus of income over expenditure this year  and approved the accounts.

5.Secretary’s Report

Finally, Dr Vikram Chopra presented the Secretary’s Annual Report (attached) on the activities of the Society and its members during the year, including the international seminar “Power, Politics and Spectacle in Shakespeare”.

The meeting then concluded with thanks to the members and to the Chair.

Tea  and snacks were served after the meeting  followed by a screening of Orson Welles’s Macbeth(1947). Though the plan was to screen only a few scenes from the film, the  students of K.M. College, for whom Macbethis a prescribed text, were keen to see the entire film. Therefore the entire film was screened to the satisfaction and happiness of the students and the members who chose to stay.




23 APRIL 2014

A meeting of the general body of SSI was held on 23 April 2014 at 2:30 pm in the Committee Room, Institute of Life Long Learning, University of Delhi. Twenty five members attended the meeting.

1. The meeting began with a welcome by the President, Prof. Shormishtha Panja, followed by a brief AV presentation by her recounting the activities of the Society in the last two terms under the outgoing Executive Committee. She particularly referred to the two new initiatives of the team, the blog cum website and the annual intercollegiate drama competitions, besides the national and international seminars during this period. Prof. Panja thanked all Executive members as well as all SSI members for their support.Shakespeare Society of India marchb2014-1

2. The report for the year 2013-14 was presented by the Secretary, Dr. Nita N Kumar, who thanked all SSI members for their support to the outgoing EC.

3. The budget for the year 2013-14 was presented by the Treasurer, Ms. Nivedita Basu.

4. Dr. Poonam Trivedi’s mail with regard to the election procedure of the SSI was put up by the Secretary and it was decided that the mail would be forwarded to the incoming EC for due consideration. It was pointed out by the members that her reference to SSI members being “excluded” from the voting process was inaccurate since all members are informed a month in advance of elections.

5. The President invited the Election Officer, Prof. R. W. Desai to conduct the elections.

6. The Election Officer informed the members that six nominations were received by him in sealed envelopes, which he proceeded to open in front of the members.

The list of nominations is as below:

1. President: Prof. Jonathan Gil Harris
2. Vice President: Prof. Supriya Chaudhuri
3. Secretary: Dr. Vikram Chopra
4. Treasurer: Ms. Anavisha Banerjee
5. Executive Member: Dr. Harriet Raghunathan
6. Executive Member: Dr. Shashi Khurana

The Election Officer reported that all nominations were in order and all candidates were elected unopposed.

7. The entire set of documents pertaining to the period of 23 April 2011 till date was handed over to the incoming Secretary, Dr. Vikram Chopra by the outgoing Secretary, Dr. Nita N Kumar. The President, Prof. Shormishtha Panja, announced that she would hand over the documents in her possession to the incoming President.

8. The business part of the meeting having concluded, the members were treated to a video of a performance by the students of Jesus and Mary College of a scene from Twelfth Night entitled “The Gulling of Malvolio.” The students had performed this scene at the SSI Intercollegiate Drama Competition held on 5 February 2014. This was followed by a live performance by the Lady Shri Ram College team that had won the best team trophy at the drama competition. The student performances were planned as a special tribute to the 450th year of Shakespeare’s birth.

9. The meeting came to an end with the President thanking all the members and inviting them to a repast.

ssi gbm 2014    ssi gbm 2014.3 ssi gbm 2014.4 ssigbm2014.2ssi gbm 2014.5 ssi gbm 2014.6 ssi gbm 2014.7

Minutes of the General Body Meeting held on 23 April 2013

A General Body Meeting of the SSI was held on 23 April 2013 in the Committee Room, ILLL, University of Delhi at 3 pm. 17 Members attended the meeting.

The following business was conducted at the meeting:

  1. The meeting began with a welcome by the President, Prof. Shormishtha Panja. She pointed out that the present team was now entering into the last year of its tenure and noted with satisfaction that the past year was a very productive one with an Annual Intercollegiate Drama Competition, the third in the series, and an International Seminar.
  2. The meeting was adjourned briefly and reconvened after five minutes because of the lack of quorum as pointed out by the Vice-President.
  3. The report for the year 2012-13 was presented by the Secretary, Dr. Nita N. Kumar.
  4. The Treasurer, Ms Nivedita Basu, presented the audited accounts of the Society for the financial year 2012-13. The General Body approved the accounts.
  5. The Meeting came to an end with the President thanking all members.
  6. After a break, during which refreshments were served, Professor Tillottama Daswani gave a talk on “Marathi Translations of Shakespeare.” Prof Daswani delivered a very lively talk and such was her familiarity with the theme that she spoke extempore, interspersing the talk with reminiscences about her professors at the University of Bombay who were also renowned translators of Shakespeare. She spoke about a wide range of issues: how the translators struggled with finding the Marathi equivalent of different registers of speech in Shakespeare, such as the working class speech; how the plays were occasionally sanitized in their translation; new types of versification that had to be created for Shakespeare in Marathi; the part played by music; about men playing female roles (eg. Bal Gandharva) that was similar to the stage practice in Shakespeare’s time; the use of Shakespeare for political protest which would otherwise not have escaped censorship. Interesting bits of historical details added further interest to her lecture, such as the fact that Shriram Lagoo suffered a heart attack on stage while playing Lear, and this was to be his last appearance on stage. The talk was greatly appreciated and was followed by a lively discussion.

18 2 9  7 6 5 4 3Photo0335

Minutes of the General Body Meeting held on 23 April 2012

A General Body Meeting of the SSI was held on 23 April 2012 at 2:30 pm in Room No 56, Arts Faculty, University of Delhi.

The following business was conducted at the meeting:

  1. The meeting began with a welcome by the President, Prof. Shormishtha Panja.
  2. The report for the year 2011-12 was read out by the Secretary, Dr. Nita N. Kumar.
  3. The budget for the year 2011-12 was presented by the Treasurer, Ms. Nivedita Basu.
  4. It was decided that only Rs. 30,000 would be kept in the Savings Account and the rest of the money would be put in Fixed Deposits.
  5. The members were requested to give suggestions for activities during the year. The suggestions included play-reading sessions and a picnic.
  6. The members appreciated the Drama competition organized by the society and offered a few ideas to make it better. Among the suggestions were the following: 1) that the winning team be given a small cash prize, 2) that the judges be requested to distribute the prizes widely amongst the participants, and to ensure this, formal guidelines be given to the judges, 3) that more categories be created for prizes, and 4) that the quality of the certificates be improved.
  7. Dr. Poonam Trivedi was requested to deliver the annual lecture. The subject of her talk was “Singing to Shakespeare: Songs of Omkara.”
  8. Refreshments were served and the meeting came to an end with the President thanking the members.

GBM 2011

Following are some of the highlights of the General Body Meeting held on 23 April 2011:

Elections to all the positions in the Executive Committee:

Prof R. W. Desai was the Election Officer. The following were elected unopposed:

President: Prof Shormishtha Panja

Vice President:  Prof. Rajiva Verma

Secretary: Dr. Nita N. Kumar

Treasurer: Ms. Nivedita Basu

Executive Committee Members:  Dr. Vikram Chopra, Ms. Davinder Mohini Ahuja and Dr. Vandana Agrawal

The term of office of the Executive Committee is three years.

A highlight of the General Body meeting was the unveiling of this blog-cum-website. Since this site is primarily a blog, we hope and expect that members would post their comments, information, and queries freely.  At the end of every page, you would find a Leave a Reply space. We plan to update the site regularly with information about and reports on our activities.

Decisions taken:

  1. The Membership Fee was raised to Rs. 2000/- (Life Membership)
  2. It was decided that email would become the only means of communication with the members of the society. The method of sending information about GBMs by surface mail would soon be discontinued as it is very cumbersome and expensive. We are doing our best to update the email ids of all our members. We will soon be posting a list of members whose emails ids are not available with us. We request all members to please check that list and help us with information. However, it was also decided that if members wish to receive information by surface mail, they would have to send in a request with their updated postal address.
  3. It was decided that Prof. Stuart Sillars of the University of Bergen would be inducted into the Advisory Board.


2 responses to “Annual General Body Meetings

  1. Congratulations on all your hard work in keeping William Shakespeare alive in India – and it looks as if you are planning some fun events!
    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an which was released on this week; Easy Reading Shakespeare, The Complete Works in Bite-Size Verse by Richard Cuddington. It was first published in 2005 as a series of 3 books and was sold at The Globe, The RSC in Stratford Upon Avon and all major book shops. It is being used by many schools here in the UK as an introduction to the plays and is also useful as a synopsis prior to seeing a theatre production.
    There are all 39 plays covered in this new edition and 3 can be viewed free of charge on It would be great if you could let your members know about our project and we wish you every success in you future endeavours.
    With sincere good wishes, Julia Cuddington.

  2. Dr. Ramji Yadav

    Let me introduce myself: I am Ramji Yadav, I used to be the life member of SSI. I lost my touch with the society. I want to be a part of it again. Guide me for the renewal of my membership. My Email address is : and Mob. No. is 8059537117.Presently I am working on a book to be titled as “Calendrical Maze Hamlet”. I wish to present a series of papers on the time line play’s structure.

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